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Soghateh Gilan

Soghateh Gilan Company excels in providing outstanding hospitality services, facilitating export and import operations, and ensuring the supply of quality food. Committed to customer satisfaction, Soghateh Gilanhas earned a reputation for providing an unparalleled hospitality experience. In addition, the company's expertise in export and import operations contributes to the development of global business networks and economic growth

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Soghateh Gilan

Soghateh gilan, In parallel with the production of caviar, saffron, pistachio, he has opened a restaurant called Soghateh Gilan in Switzerland to showcase the quality of his products.

Soghateh gilan products


Production and export of first-class Iranian caviar in different types of beluga, astra, imperial, diamond, etc. under the brand of soghateh gilan.


Black truffle is one of the most valuable and richest edible substances in nature, which has a lot of nutritional and medicinal value.


One of the most popular products is saffron Soghateh gilan , which is sold under this brand from cultivation to export


Another one of the most popular soghate gilan products is pistachio, which is sold under this brand from cultivation to export

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Soghateh Gilan Hotel

"Soghateh gilan Hotel," with its exceptional facilities and services, stands as one of the prominent accommodations in the city. Situated in a prime location, it offers guests easy access to commercial and recreational centers. This hotel, featuring modern interior design, creates a beautiful and serene environment for a comfortable stay. Various amenities, including comfortable rooms, a multi-cuisine restaurant, complimentary internet, a fitness center, and a business center, are available to guests. The hotel's restaurants present a diverse menu, providing a delightful experience of various cuisines. Overall, Soghateh gilan Hotel, with its tranquility and pleasure it offers, is an excellent choice for a stay in the city.

Various foods
Modern interior design
Welfare amenities

Imports and exports

How is the set of export services provided by sogahteh Gilan Company? Here are the answers to your questions.