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KH Pharmaceutics

KH Pharmaceutics

KH Pharmaceutics Company, as one of the prominent enterprises in the field of pharmaceutical supply, import, and export of medicinal products, plays a fundamental and vital role in fulfilling the healthcare and medical needs of the community. With its experience and expertise in the industry, KH Pharmaceutics Company strives to enhance the quality of life by offering high-quality pharmaceutical products and adhering to global standards, thereby contributing significantly to public health preservation. Through collaboration with distinguished domestic and international manufacturers, KH Pharmaceutics Company imports a diverse range of pharmaceuticals, serving as a bridge between domestic and global markets in the healthcare sector.

Our company services

Import and export of drugs

We import medicines and health products from other countries and export them to international markets. This process includes arranging official documents, permits, performing customs procedures and protecting the quality of products.

Medical Equipment

Providing and exporting medical equipment plays a very important role in improving the level of health and treatment of communities. This field not only helps to improve medical services, but also plays a role as an effective factor in the global economy.

Dental Equipment

Supplying dental equipment is vital for bettering dental care and oral health in communities, involving a variety of tools from basic to advanced, used for diagnosis and treatment in dental clinics.

Herbal Medicines

Approval and export of herbal medicines is an important field in the pharmaceutical and health industry, which has attracted a lot of attention over the years. Herbal medicines are obtained from natural sources and are known as combined and alternative options for chemical medicines

Import and export of drugs
Medical Equipment

Supply of rare drugs

KH Pharmaceutics Company, as a prominent entity in the field, plays a crucial role in the supply of rare and scarce medications. The company specializes in sourcing and providing medications that are difficult to access due to their rarity in the market. Leveraging its expertise and experience, KH Pharmaceutics Company manages resources and collaborates with reputable manufacturers to ensure the availability of high-quality and reasonably priced scarce medications. This effort facilitates patients' access to necessary treatments. Prioritizing quality and positive impact on public health, KH Pharmaceutics Company strives to effectively address the medical needs of the community, particularly for patients with specific conditions, thereby aiding in their medical care.

Import and export of drugs
Domestic production and processing
Quality monitoring
Research and Development

Export of cosmetic products

Supplying and exporting cosmetic products play a significant role in the beauty and cosmetics industry, promoting the use of cosmetic products in various societies.