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Animal Division

Company KH Animal Division operates as a dynamic entity specializing in animal welfare, health and pharmaceuticals, animal trading, food supply, and exports. Guided by international standards, the company is dedicated to enhancing animal lives. With a committed team, it prioritizes health, provides proper pharmaceuticals, and supplies healthy animals to customers respectfully. Collaboration with reputable producers ensures proper nutrition, while global animal trade follows international regulations. The company's primary goal is to elevate animal quality of life and contribute to societal improvement.







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ََAbout us

KH Animal Division

The Animal Division Company, as a leader in the animal care industry, is dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the fields of buying and selling animals, pet care products, animal food, animal medications, and health consultations. With values rooted in ethics, hygiene, and quality, the Animal Division Company employs specialized processes to ethically and hygienically acquire animals, delivering them to responsible and caring owners. Alongside animal expertise, the company offers a diverse range of pet care products to assist pet owners in providing the best care for their companions. Offering a variety of foods and nutritional blends, the Animal Division Company ensures optimal nourishment for animals. Leveraging its expertise in animal medications, the company supplies necessary medications for the improvement and maintenance of animal health. Through health consultations, the Animal Division Company provides essential and practical information to pet owners for enhanced animal well-being, and through import and export services, contributes to the global expansion of the animal industry. In essence, the Animal Division Company, with its continuous advancements in animal services, plays a significant role in the health and happiness of animals.

Our company services


these examinations include periodic examinations by veterinarians, giving the necessary vaccines and performing preventive tests to prevent diseases in animals.


Relying on years of experience and expertise, we assure our dear customers that all the medicinal needs of their animals are met with precision and high quality.

Feeding management:

Proper feeding is one of the important factors in maintaining the health of animals. Providing appropriate diets and nutritional management to prevent nutrition-related health problems.

Surgical device

Our company is also known as a complete source for animal medical and surgical devices. By providing a variety of advanced and modern devices, we help veterinary medical and surgical teams in providing professional equipment.

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We support animals

We proudly announce that the quality of our products reflects our commitment to the health and well-being of your beloved companions in the animal world. From the finest raw materials to meticulous processing and stringent quality control measures, we pay attention to every detail to provide products that meet high standards and deliver reliable performance. However, we don't stop at merely providing valuable products. Our support services extend to accompany you throughout your journey of animal care. Our specialized team is ready to assist you at every step, from selecting the right products to implementation, offering technical guidance, and providing expert consultations. Moreover, through dedicated customer support lines and continuous communication, we are always available whenever you need us. We take pride in not only delivering quality products but also offering exceptional support services. By placing your trust in us, you are entering a realm of comfort, assurance, and enhancement in caring for your animals.

Wound care
Dental services
Nutrition management
Advanced medical services

The business perspective

How are the services of KH Animal Division performed? Here are the answers to your questions.