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SGM TOP Construction

Welcome to our premier construction company, where we specialize in a comprehensive range of services to cater to all your real estate needs. From the ground up, we excel in the art of construction, offering a seamless experience in building your dream projects. Whether you're looking to buy or sell properties and lands, we navigate the market with expertise to ensure the best deals for you. Our rental services provide hassle-free options for tenants and landlords alike. Elevating spaces to elegance, our dedicated team handles interior decoration to add a touch of personality to every corner. Moreover, we extend our commitment by sourcing top-notch products and providing insightful consultations, ensuring that our clients receive the best from start to finish. At our core, we are not just builders; we are partners in turning visions into reality.

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SGM TOP Construction

With pride, we, as a construction services company, bring forth our commitment to unparalleled efficiency and high precision to turn your projects into reality. Our powerful execution team, equipped with experience and expertise across various construction domains, stands ready to accompany you from design to implementation. Leveraging advanced technologies and a customer-centric approach, we pledge to create an exceptional experience for our clients. We are dedicated to delivering projects of outstanding quality while upholding principles of timeliness and safety.

Executive services of the company


Construction, in addition to engineering and architectural knowledge, requires expertise in economics, project management, safety, environment, and technology.


Building renovation is a process in which old or damaged buildings are repaired and renovated using new technologies and standards in order to improve and rewrite them.

Domestic service

In-home services can include specialized electrical and plumbing work. These services help to ensure security, comfort and proper functioning of facilities inside the house.


Demolition is a process in which buildings or structures are destroyed, destroyed and crushed into their components until the space required for the construction of new buildings is available.

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In-home services
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Building architecture

SGM TOP Construction is available with a range of amazing architectural services as a reliable partner to turn your architectural dreams into reality. From the attractive and unique designs to the execution with precision and quality, SGM TOP Construction is with you to turn every project into a work of art.

interior design
Architectural Design
Project Management
Sustainability consulting

interior design

Interior design is the art of creating harmonious and functional spaces that resonate with a distinct personality and purpose.