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Believe it or not, Phoenix Company, as a leading pioneer in the cultivation, production, and export of tobacco, stands out with unparalleled services in this industry. We are consistently striving for enhancement and innovation, committed to delivering the finest quality products and services to our valued customers.

Export and Import

Export and Import





MK Phoenix SA

Phoenix Company proudly continues to be your companion in fulfilling tobacco needs, both domestically and internationally. We are dedicated to providing the best, with a commitment to excellence. We believe that collaborating with us will not only be a positive experience but will also immerse you in a world of quality, trust, and satisfaction.

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Virginia tobacco

Virginia tobacco is known as one of the most popular types of tobacco in the cigarette industry due to its special properties, and it is used in combination with other types of tobacco to produce a variety of cigarettes with different tastes and qualities.

Oriental tobacco

By focusing on its specific aroma and flavor, Oriental Virginia tobacco helps to produce high quality cigars with a unique taste. This tobacco is a suitable option for those who like mild to medium flavored cigarettes.

Barley tobacco

Barley tobacco is one of the available types of tobacco and is used to prepare various tobacco products. It can also be used in combination with other types of tobacco to create eye-catching and unique combinations.

Carolina Tobacco

Carolina tobacco, with its special taste and characteristics, is used in the tobacco industry and the production of various tobacco products. This tobacco is known as a popular choice for making cigars and hookah tobacco.

Carolina tobacco

Tobacco cultivation

Phoenix Company excels in providing comprehensive tobacco export services, ensuring top-notch quality and tailored solutions for clients worldwide. With an array of tobacco varieties, stringent quality checks, and customizable packaging options, Phoenix ensures that each batch meets global standards. Their seasoned team handles the logistics intricacies, adheres to international regulations, and takes care of all documentation, ensuring a smooth cross-border journey. With a focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, Phoenix Company stands as a reliable partner in the global tobacco trade, offering insights and support to create successful international ventures.

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Imports and exports

How is the set of export services provided by sogahteh Gilan Company? Here are the answers to your questions.